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What is an Industria Zone Free Zone User

What is an Industrial Zone Free Zone User?

An industrial process is defined as a productive process through which services or raw materials and inputs are transformed to produce goods using physical, technological and human resources. As an industrial user in Zona Franca Bogotá, Transmares Logística Integral provides services to national and international clients of:

  • Logistics in transport, sampling, inspection, conditioning, processing, packaging.

  • Repacking, packaging, labeling, inventory management, picking, delivery and distribution of goods.

  • Telecommunications, information technology systems for capture, processing.

  • Storage, transmission of data and organization, management or operation of databases.

  • Scientific and technological research, repair or quality testing of goods.

  • Technical support, maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery.

  • Audit, administration, brokerage, consultancy or similar.